Rental and leasing a double bass.

Want to have a nice Strunal? An exclusive Laszlo Rac? Through rent and lease by Rikkers, the best bass comes within your reach. You can hire a bass for a single gig in town, if desired including transport. Looking for a good bass for a long period? Then we provide you with an attractive leasing arrangement.

You can hire a new double bass for half a year. Up front you pay 6 months of rent and a deposit, which equals 1/4 of the price of the instrument. If you decide to buy the instrument after 6 months we will deduce the paid rent and the full deposit from the selling price. This option is interest-free. After the first semester you can also renew the contract of course. If you decide to buy the bass then after one year you still get back half a year of rent and of course the deposit.
The lease arrangement is beneficial to all our new double basses. At the bottom of this page you will find the lease conditions. Here's an example of this possibility for a Strunal doublebass:


Strunal bass with solid top, ebony fingerboard, and Rikkers pickup, spirit-finish.
New price: 2300, - 3% Rent per month: 70, - per month, ie: 420, - per half years
Deposit: 25% of the selling price: 575, -
In total 995, -.
After a half year you pay 1305,- and the bas is yours.

If you decide to renew your contract you pay 420,- of rent.

For acquiring the instrument after a year you pay 1305, -

When you lease a bass a contract is made. We'll have to ask you to show your ID.
An example of a hire purchase agreement you will find below.

52 Description Leasecontract:

1.Rikkers guitars & double basses leases the below defined instrument for a period of at least six months with an automatic renewal for additional periods of six months to hereafter tenant.
2. The instrument remains the property of Rikkers Guitars until full payment.
3. The tenant pays at the start of the tenancy a deposit of 25% of the purchase price of the instrument, ie 575, - to Rikkers Guitars, which termination of the lease and the tenant is returned if the instrument valschade no damage or improper use has suffered.
4. The rent is 3% of the purchase price per month, ie 70, - per month, per six months ahead to meet, or 420, -.
5. By purchasing the instrument is 6 months rent deducted from the selling price.
6. Excessive wear, damage from improper use or other damages be borne by the tenant, at the discretion of Rikkers Guitars.