Flatline, eccentric bass from Netherlands’ master luthiers

The Flatline is a characteristic bass guitar that offers great value for money. With its pronounced horns and smooth contours the design breathes both style and eccentricity. At the same time, the Flatline is a no-nonsense bass that’s been crafted without any unnecessary frills. Normally, the instrument comes without such luxuries as a hardwood top layer, which allows us to offer the Flatline at a friendly price. Of course this quality bass from Netherlands’ top luthier is meticulously built, using the same first-class hardware and electronics as on all other Rikkers basses.

Rikkers Flatline Bassguitars

Neck-thru with ergonomic grip

Standard the Flatline features a neck-thru design. This construction provides a full and compressed sound character that suits a fine bass like this. Furthermore, the Flatline standard has an asymmetrical neck profile − thicker under the B string and thinner under the G string. This ergonomic design provides a highly comfortable, natural grip.

Rikkers Flatline Bassguitars

Robust 'naked neck' looks

Since the Flatline normally comes without a top wood on the body, its neck-thru construction is unmistakably visible. Therefore there’s something sturdy to this bass that will appeal to players who prefer a more sober approach to their personal instrument.