Powerline, striking single-cut bass from the Netherlands

The Powerline is an exceptional bass with truly distinctive looks. The design of this custom bass guitar from the Netherlands is characterized by its single cutaway. This construction is chosen to create a large contact surface between neck and body. This allows for optimal energetic transmission of the string vibration, resulting in tight and dominant lows. Therefore, the low B of our Powerline basses sounds remarkably well-defined and tight.

Rikkers Powerline Bassguitars

Maximum playing comfort

The Powerline is designed for optimum playing comfort. Due to the smooth neck body joint the neck is comfortably playable up to the 24th fret. Furthermore, the Powerline has an asymmetrical neck profile − thicker under the B string and thinner under the G string. This ergonomic design provides a highly comfortable, natural grip.

Rikkers Powerline Bassguitars

Full-bodied sound with crisp highs

We prefer to build the Powerline with a set-in neck. This construction combines the full, compressed sound character of a neck-thru bass with the typical transparent highs of a bolt-on. If desired, a neck-thru or bolt-on Powerline version is available as well.

Rikkers Powerline Bassguitars

Fully custom made by the European bass builders elite

Each Powerline is a unique instrument of which literally only one exists. Being among the creme de la creme of European bass guitar builders, we’d be proud to build this instrument entirely to your personal preferences, using rare and exclusive woods with top quality pickups, electronics and hardware. Naturally, this custom bass is available as a 4-, 5- and 6-string, fretless and fretted, and (no extra charge) left-handed.