Rikkers guitars, handmade excellence

Rikkers handmade guitars are synonymous with craftsmanship and exclusiveness since 1983. We build our instruments to the highest degree of customization. Meaning most anything is possible. If you have specific musical demands, we’ll make it work for you. Firstly, we build our own line of Rikkers Waveline guitars. Also, we build traditional models such as the Telecaster, Thinline, Stratocaster, SG and ES335. In our workshop in Groningen, Holland, you are welcome to try our guitars and get a good impression of their sound, looks and feel.

Exquisite workmanship

Custom built Rikkers guitars are recognizable by their exquisite workmanship and smashing looks. Most of our instruments feature an exotic, finely grained top wood. We prefer to finish our guitars with nitrocellulose lacquer. This provides a crystal clear shine and gives the grain pattern great depth and contrast. If you have specific requirements concerning woods and finish, just let us know. We’ll be glad to advise you on your ultimate dream guitar.

Always several custom guitars in stock

At Rikkers we’re continuously building guitars according to our own ideas about sound and design. Therefore, we always have a selection of custom guitars in stock. We also build fully customized instruments, meeting players’ unique personal demands. Are you searching for a specific sound? Or do you have specific requirements in terms of feel and comfort? At Rikkers we take the time to advise you on such matters as wood types, quartersawn necks, pickups and electronics. Feel free to contact us. We’ll build your guitar completely custom made, pretty much anything is possible.

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The Making of a Rikkers Waveline

Jacco discusses how a Rikkers guitar comes to be and what choices you can make to achieve your ultimate sound.

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Rikkers Classicline in Blue
Foto van Rikkers Classicline in Blue
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