Professional repairs and maintenance, your instrument is worth

At Rikkers your guitar, bassguitar or doublebass is in skilled hands; a quarter century of experience gives you guarantees. From complex neckrepairs to regular maintenance, your instrument receives the care and expertise it deserves in our workshop.

Any repair starts with a free inspection and advice.

Come over during opening hours, show us your instrument and get a quote for your specific repair or adjustment. If you decide to get your instrument repaired you get 6 months warranty.

Rikkers Reparatie Service

Set Up & Maintenance

In the past 30 years we've had thousands of instruments under our care. There is no default set up for any musician has his or her own demands on a (bass-) guitar. We set up your instrument to your needs, with your strings and tuned to your music.
We take care of your guitar from tuners to the output. Nut, fingerboard, pickups and electronics, we check and balance everything. We combine this with a thorough cleaning, polishing and lubrication so your instrument can hit the road again for a year or so.
We do things right or we don't. That means that it takes an average 1.5 to 2 hours to get it right for you.
It also means you get a good warranty.
Set Up & Maintenance: € 85,00We need to charge €15,00 extra for a tremolo system

Rikkers Reparatie Service

Fret Leveling

Sometimes frets need to be leveled so one can set up an instrument the way you like it to be.
Fret leveling comes down to the last of a 100th of a millimeter to get them precisely the same hight. We do this for each string. After leveling the frets need to be rounded, sanded and polished.

Leveling frets takes one and a half to 2 hours.

Fret Leveling inclusive
Setup and Service: € 175.00

We need to charge €15,00 extra for a tremolo system

Rikkers Reparatie Service


If frets are too low or too worn they can not be leveled any more. Replacing all the frets is the solution (replacing 3 or 4 frets is almost as much work as doing it all the way). Old frets are cut out and heated and removed using special tools. After removing the fingerboard is cleaned and leveled and the new frets glued and pressed-in. After this the frets need to be leveled, rounded and polished. A refret is Major Maintenance for yout guitar. With a refret one can solve many neck problems.

It takes an average of 5 hours to complete the entire operation.
Refret including Leveling, Setup and Maintenance: € 300,00
We need to charge €15,00 extra for a tremolo system

Rikkers Reparatie Service

Broken Heads

A fall, a slap or a punch to the head: if an instrument is made ​​of mahogany the head breaks quite quickly. This can almost always be repaired properly. Our record is 6 head glueing jobs in one week. In the case you lose your head, collect all loose wood chips and remove the string tension of your guitar. Glueing, filling, and finishing is a job that costs between € 130.00 and € 150.00. If you want your crack concealed and not te be seen we have to lacquer the nek and head, and that is a lot more expensive in the range of € 300.00 to € 350.00 euros.