With Daan Marinus becoming Full Partner at Rikkers Guitars in 2023 he brings his own line of guitars to the shop. Check them out here or in person:

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About Daan


Daan Marinus caught the guitar building virus at a very young age: 12 years old he made his first Les Paul with a kit. Soon cheap guitars were rebuilt and refinished, and 3 years later Daan started his first real guitar building project. When Daan came I contact with Jacco & Ferdinand he was asked to become apprentice. After only a few years it became apparent for both Daan and the partners that Daans’ future is in guitar-making. Check out his models and his work: .



Orvar is the single-cut hero which can come in all kinds of cloaks – here you see a brand-new 7-string Orvar dressed in Sparkle Blue. .




The offset Capra that you can see here happens to be a fully relic-ed 6-string but this goat comes in many different coats. Please check the gallery for more Capra’s.


Caiman Wonderful Predator


This Caiman is a one-off predator that comes out of the swamp only once in a lifetime. Please check the myriad details in the intricate inlay and the artwork actually used on the top. Together they tell a pretty grim history of how humanity fared on this earth, but with a glimmer of hope in the end

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