Acidline, ‘J’ with a super tight low B

The Acidline is our modern interpretation of the Jazz Bass. According to the original ‘J’ concept this bass features a bolt-on neck and two single coil J pickups. The body shows the characterizing offset of the Jazz Bass but at the same time the design shows a striking resemblance to other Rikkers models such as the Bodyline. A major difference from the authentic J is the super stiff neck made of quartersawn hard maple. This modern neck construction supplies the Acidline with a very tight low B. Combined with its deep growl the Acidline is interesting to discerning J players who are open to a more contemporary and dominant version of the original Jazz Bass sound.

Rikkers Acidline Bassguitars

Custom pickups, active tone control

The Acidline is exclusively equipped with top class pickups and electronics. Standard we use our own hand wound Rikkers J pickups, however on special request we’ll install J style single coils of various other leading manufacturers, as well. In order to offer players a more versatile sound, the Acidline is equipped with active tone control by Aguilar.

Rikkers Acidline Bassguitars

Maximum playing comfort

As with all Rikkers custom basses the Acidline is built for maximum playing comfort. Despite its bolt-on construction the neck joint is very smooth. In fact, the usual angular mounting block is absent, altogether. As a result the higher positions are easily accessible. Being a thoroughbred Rikkers the Acidline features an asymmetrical neck profile, meaning thicker under the B or E string and thinner under the G string. This ergonomic design provides a highly comfortable, natural grip.

Rikkers Acidline Bassguitars

Fully custom made

Each Acidline is a unique instrument of which literally only one exists. Although the design will always feature two single coil J-pickups, practically everything else on this bass can be tailored to your specific desires. This includes the use of exotic woods as well as the traditional combination of an ash or alder body with a maple neck and rosewood fretboard. When it comes to finishing there’s plenty of options, as well, including authentic sunbursts and the ever popular natural finish of oil and wax. It goes without saying that the Acidline is availble as a 4, 5 and 6 string, fretted and fretless, and (no extra charge) left handed.