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Rikkers guitars, handmade top quality


Rikkers guitars have stood for traditionally built exclusivity since 1983. We build our guitars completely custom made. Whatever wishes you have, we can make most of them come true for you. We make several of our own models: the Wavelike, the Hybridline, the Marinus guitars by Daan and the Lignator guitars. In addition, we regularly build traditional guitar models such as the Telecaster, Thinline, Stratocaster, SG and ES335.

Always several custom guitars in stock

At Rikkers we continuously build top guitars according to our own taste and insight. We always have several custom instruments in stock. We also build custom guitars, completely according to the wishes of the musician. Are you looking for a specific sound? Or do you have specific wishes in terms of feel and playing comfort? At Rikkers we take all the time to advise you on wood types, quarter-sawn neck constructions, pickups and electronics. Please feel free to drop by. We build your guitar completely custom-made, almost anything is possible.


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Tonewood for Guitars

If you have been making bass guitars for more than 40 years, you have purchased a lot of wood. Rikkers Gitaarbouw has plenty of tonewood in stock, sometimes more than 70 years old. In recent years we have been working more and more with local (Dutch, German, European) tone wood species, but we also have exotic species available. Come and talk to us – we can always come up with a good recipe for your instrument.


We regularly make instruments with a sleek high-gloss finish. In recent years, our personal preference has been for a more natural finish that makes the wood types look fantastic. We use a process we devised and extensively tested in which we protect the instrument with an epoxy layer in the wood and a natural finish of hardening oil and wax on the wood. This is a musician-friendly, wood-friendly and environmentally friendly way of finishing and produces the typical ‘Rikkers’ look.

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