Besides our own lines of Rikkers guitars we regularly build classics such as like the Stratocater, Telecaster, Thinline Tele, SG and ES335. In each of these Classic builds we take the opportunity to integrate modern insights regarding sound, looks and playing comfort. Often, guitar players owning for example a Strat or Tele come to our shop looking for a more dominant sound. Others want a brand new quality guitar that has the weathered, beat up look of a vintage. For every discerning fan of the guitar classics we’ll add something special to the authentic concept.



The classic construction of a guitar neck has been built from slab cut wood since the 1950s. This construction does not provide the most stable and stiff neck. At Rikkers we therefore build the necks from two parts of quarter wood, for example from hard maple. Thanks to the greater stiffness of the necks, our Classics have a significantly fuller and tighter bass.

Relic look


One of our specialties is building relic guitars. These Classics show the convincing traces of a turbulent club life. We give these guitars a light relic treatment that makes them look a bit older. Complete with weathered crackle paint and scratch and wear damage in the right places. We treat all chrome hardware, giving it the dull, worn appearance that comes with an older guitar.

Fully custom made


Each Rikkers Classic is hand-built with all desired wood types, pickups, electronics and hardware. Our classic models are available as 6- and 7-string, and (at no extra cost) left-handed.


Price indication

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