With Daan Marinus becoming full partner at Rikkers Guitars in 2023 he brings his own line of guitars to the shop. Check them out here or in person:

About Daan


Daan Marinus caught the guitar-making-virus at a very young age: at 12 years old he made his first guitar with a kit. Soon cheap guitars were rebuilt and refinished, 3 years later Daan started his first real guitar building project. When Daan came I contact with Jacco & Ferdinand Jacco asked him to become apprentice in the workshop. After only a few years it became apparent for both Daan and the partners that his future is in guitar-making. 



The Caiman is an ode to some of the classic extreme shaped guitars. The goal for this model was to be pointy but comfortably rounded and contoured in the right places. The example on the right screams for attention, but this model is also very well suited for a more camouflaged wooden look.



This model is named after the genus of goats. A comfortable offset shape that allows you to climb up and down the fretboard with ease, just like an agile and hardy mountain goat. Both a modern (as seen on the picture) or a more traditional approach work really well with this model.  




Just like the Norse legendary hero it’s named after, the Orvar is built like a tank and ready to battle with everything you throw at it! This modern single-cut has a slight offset shape and comfortable contours.


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