Besides our line of Rikkers basses we regularly build classics like the Jazzbass and Precision. In each of these Classic builds we take the opportunity to integrate modern insights regarding sound, looks and playing comfort. Often, bass players owning an authentic ‘J’ or ‘P’ come to our shop looking for a more dominant sound. Others want a 5-string version that finally delivers a tight and powerful low B. Also, more and more players want a brand new quality bass that has the weathered, beat up look of a vintage. As Netherlands’ elite bass makers we like to add something special to the classic concept for every discerning Jazz and Precision fan.

Super stiff quartersawn neck


Ever since the 50’s bass necks are typically built of slab cut wood. This construction, however, doesn’t quite deliver the most stable and stiff necks. Therefore we build our necks of two quartersawn pieces of hard rock maple. Due to the greater neck stiffness our Classic basses sound significantly tighter and fuller.

Relic look


One of our specialties is building relic basses. These Classics show all evidences of a turbulent club life. As Dutch bass manufacturers we’re practically vintage ourselves; we know how to give a bass the relentless treatment that makes it hard to distinguish from vintage. This includes a badly weathered crackle paint with scratches, wear and tear in the right places. All chrome hardware parts get treated aggressively as well, making them worn and corroded as they should be on an old bass.

Fully custom made


Each Rikkers Classicline bass is a truly handmade bass that can be suited entirely to your personal preferences. Being one of the European master builders of bass guitars, we’d be proud to build this instrument using the best tone woods and top quality pickups, electronics and hardware. Naturally, our custom made Classicline basses are available as 4- and 5-string, fretless and fretted, and (no extra charge) left-handed..



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