Rent and hire purchase, the most beautiful double basses within reach

A nice Strunal? An exclusive Bucur Double Bass? The best basses are within your reach through rental and leasing at Rikkers. You can rent a bass for just one performance, including delivery and pick-up if desired.

Are you looking for an excellent double bass for a longer period? Then we offer you an attractive construction through hire purchase. You then rent a new double bass for six months. If you subsequently decide to purchase the instrument, the rent and deposit paid will be fully deducted from the sales price. An interest-free payment in installments; talk about beneficial. You can of course also extend the contract after the first six months. Do you still decide to buy the bass after a year of renting it? In that case, six months’ rent and of course the deposit will also be deducted from the sales price. The affordable rental purchase construction applies to all our new double basses. At the bottom of this page you will find the rental purchase conditions.

Here is an example of this possibility with a Strunal double bass:



Strunal 3/4 Double bass with solid top, ebony fingerboard, spirit lacquer finish and Rikkers pickup.

New price: € 2,300

Rent price 3% per month: € 70 per month,
or: € 420 per six months

Deposit: 25% of the sales price: € 575

So you pay €995 when you pick up the bass.

Additional payment for purchase after six months of renting will then be: € 1,305

If you decide to rent for another six months, you will again pay €420 in rent.
The additional payment upon purchase will then remain: €1,305.

When renting a bass, an agreement is drawn up, in which we ask you to identify yourself. An example of a rental purchase agreement is below.


Description of rental purchase agreement:

1. Rikkers gitbouw rents the instrument described below for a period of at least six months with a tacit extension of a period of six months each time to the tenant referred to below.

2. The instrument remains the property of Rikkers Gitaarbouw until full payment has been made.

3. At the start of the rental period, the renter pays a deposit of 25% of the new value of the instrument, i.e. € 575,- to Rikkers Gitaarbouw, which will be returned to the renter upon termination of the rental agreement, provided that the instrument has not suffered any fall damage or damage caused by improper usage has suffered.

4. The rent is 3% of the new value per month, i.e. € 70 per month, to be paid in advance every six months, or € 420.

5. When purchasing the instrument, 6 months’ rent will be deducted from the sales price.

6. Excessive wear and tear, fall damage and damage due to improper use are borne by the tenant. This is at the discretion of Rikkers Gitaarbouw.

Would you like more information about the options for rental purchase of a Contrabas? Curious about what is possible?

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