We give great care to the looks and content of this website and do our best to keep everything up-to-date and error free. This means you can count on the prices listed here for our instruments and repairs. On the otherhand we always reserve the right to adjust our pricing i nindividual cases, as is explained in the price list for repairs, and price changes are reserved at all times.


On our handmade instruments you have a lifetime warranty, that is a full garantuee while we still live and work. This is a warranty on all manufacturing defects on your new instrument; wear and improper use or treatment are obviously excluded from this guarantee. Other instruments and amplifiers are warranted for 1 year, instruments and amplifiers used have a warranty from 3 to 6 months, and on all our repairework you have a warranty from 3 to 6 months. If you are dissatisfied with a repair, for instance a setup of your guitar, please do not wait too fill us in on it, we’ll go out of ouyr way to solve any problem.


Ofcourse you can expect us to take great care of your instrument, that’s what we’re here for. Should we inflict unexpected damage to your instrument (eg a scratch) then we’ll solve that of course (again: that’s our business) and if that’s not possible at all we will reimburse your loss. Sometimes however minor damage is unavoidable; for example, finished maple fingerboards of a certain age from Fender are notorious for chipping. Therefore damage we can not prevent is always excluded from this guarantee.
A tip: bring your instrument in it’s bag or case.


Most of our clients have their instrument insured. We assume that you take care for an insurance of your (often expensive) instrument, which is also valid if your instrument is woth us for a repair. This insurances comes before any other; that is, your own insurance company will be charged in the unlikely event there might be fire, theft or loss of your instrument. Should it be so however that you don;t have an insurance, we have a so-called additional insurance which we can appeal to in case of fire, theft or loss.

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