With its distinct horns and smooth contours the Bodyline has a striking appearance. These characteristic custom bass guitars from the Netherlands have an ergonomic design. The back side of the body, for instance, has a curved shape so that it comfortably fits the player’s torso. Also, the back side of the body is planed slightly slanted, allowing the bass to tilt towards the player’s torso.

Elegant details


The silhouette of the Bodyline derives from the Rikkers Flatline. However, in addition to its ergonomic design, the Bodyline distinguishes itself by a number of elegant details. For example, the rear of the body is literally shaped pointedly. Another refined detail is the rear end of the fretboard with its wavy lines and subsequent mark.

Neck-thru with ergonomic gri


tandard the Bodyline features a neck-thru design. This construction provides a full and compressed sound character that suits a premium bass like this. Furthermore, the Bodyline standard has an asymmetrical neck profile − thicker under the B string and thinner under the G string. This ergonomic design provides a highly comfortable, natural grip.

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