"Attention to detail and the joy of playing and making music is the core of our work."


The Netherlands is slowly trying to get out of its’ total lockdown. 
If you would like to try out 1 of our instruments, order a new one or if you are looking for a Double Bass
you can make an appointment to come and visit our Showroom. 

Rules that apply are: 
– Only 1 person per appointment
– You need to make the appointment at least 4 hours in advance.
– You need to stay at least 10 minutes. That won’t be a problem, we’ll keep you busy. 
– Facemasks are a must, and we will keep 1.5 meters distance at all times.

Nothing is changed for our repairservice: 

– During normal opening hours (Thursday to Saturday from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm) you can bring or collect an instrument
– Only 1 customer is allowed in at a time, with a facemask of course
– You cannot try out instruments.

We must ask you to keep your visit as short as possible.
In this way we hope to be able to help everyone responsibly.

Recent builds


Our Rikkers Bassguitars contains 4 different models. Besides these models we regularly build traditional models like the Jazzbass or the Precision. You’re very welcome to come and try these bassguitars in our workshop in Groningen.
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All our guitar models are custom made. We build different models like our very own designs Waveline, Hybridline and Treeline. We also build the Classicline models such as the Telecaster, Thinline, Stratocaster, SG and ES335.
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Double Basses

Rikkers is the double bass expert in the north of the Netherlands. You will find old and new basses in almost every price range. We deliver our bass leveled and with a comfortable set-up, with good strings and a good comb.
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“An instrument made specifically for your hand gives off a different vibe, a different feeling when you play it. This personal approach is what makes us unique”


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Henry Sopacua plays a 4-string Treeline

This 4-string Treeline made in Ovangkol left the workshop recently - but before it left our friend Henry Sopacua took the chance to test it out. He plays some funky riffs to show the possibilities of these instruments.

Follow us on YouTube for regular video’s about our work, new models or tips & trick for instrument maintenance!

Repair Service


Is your guitar not quite as good as it was before? Did you leave it alone for a longer time or are you an intensive player? Do you have doubts about the intonation of your bass, guitar or double bass?

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out. We make sure the basic quality of your instrument is as high as it can be. You are welcome to visit us in our workshop and let us have a look. You’ll get some coffee and an honest peace of advice.


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