"Attention to detail and pleasure in making music are the core of our work."

CLOSED from the 13th until the 23th of May

Due to The Guitar Show Padova in Italy and a symposium of the European Guitar Builders, we will be absent between May 13 and 22.

We will be present again from May 23 and you are very welcome to come by!


Our line of Rikkers bass guitars consists of 4 models. In addition, we regularly build Classicline models which are inspired on models as the J-Bass or P-Bass. You are very welcome to try out our instruments in our studio in Groningen.
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We build our guitars completely from the ground up. We make different models of our own, and in addition we regularly make Classicline models; inspired on the classics. You are very welcome to try out our instruments in our workshop in Groningen..
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Double Basses

In our shop/workshop in Groningen you will find a very large and varied range of double basses. All these instruments are custom-tuned by us and delivered fully checked. Make an appointment and come by to play and listen!
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A new line of Rikkers instruments has seen the light: LIGNATOR! Lignators have their own website:
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Our partner Daan Marinus brings his own line with Marinus Guitars to Rikkers Gitaarbouw
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“A guitar or bass that is specially made for your hands plays differently. The personal approach is what makes us unique.”


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Rikkers Cherry Blossom

At the Guitar Show in Padua, Italy, Jacco presented ‘The Cherry Blossom’. A unique collaboration with artist (a href=”https://sylviabokkerink.exto.nl”>Sylvia Bökkerink that resulted in a work of art consisting of 1 guitar and 2 paintings.

Daan presented the Red Kite at the Guitar Show in Padua, Italy. Both the design and the colors are inspired by the beauty and speed of the Red Kite, a bird of prey that was quite endangered but is now often spotted in Europe and the Netherlands. Check out this unique instrument here.

Caiman Red Kite

1 Guitar in 1 day


In 2023 we celebrated our 40th anniversary with a great challenge: 1 guitar in 1 day.

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Is your guitar not playing well? Has your instrument been sitting still for a long time or do you play very intensively? Are you unsure about the set-up of your bass, double bass or guitar?

Whether you are a novice player or a seasoned musician, we ensure that the basic quality of each instrument is as high as possible. Feel free to come by and let us take a look at your instrument. With luck you can get a nice cup of coffee but always honest advice.

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