At Rikkers you will always find a wide range of basses, old and new. Come over for an extended test session during our regular opening hours.

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Double Bass Expert Rikkers


Looking for an exclusive instrument? You will find old and new basses in almost every price range. We deliver our basses leveled and with a comfortable set-up, with good strings and a good comb. For renting a double bass or leasing a bass and also for professional double bass repairs Rikkers is the right place..

Rikkers is the double bass expert in the north of the Netherlands. On thursday- and fridayafternoon we’d love to make time for you. You can also visit us on saturdays but be sure to inform beforehand if Ferdinand Rikkers will be available!


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Rikkers Double Bass Pickup


Each bass is setup as you desire and is often equipped with our Rikkers double bass pickup. This pickup is made (like many others) from piezo-film but made in a different way and glued to the comb so that a comprehensive and very useful sound is the result. We make our pickups using a special technique where the piezo film is glued to a combination of wood and glue. We make the pickup very hard so it can be bonded to the bridge. This bonding is not forever, it can be removed. The bonding provides the most direct contact between doublebass and pickup. This provides a very strong, powerful and direct sound.

Rikkers Contrabas-element, inclusief montage: € 245,-


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A perfect Double Bass set-up


Each bass is setup as you desire and we provide them with good combs and strings. We also level the fingerboard and give them a good set-up for optimal playing comfort. Buying a Double Bass at Rikkers is a very customised experience. Curious about all the things we’ll do for your new Double Bass? Check out our video (sorry, Dutch only).

Entry-level models; double basses for beginners

Are you a beginning bassist? Do you want to buy a good and affordable double bass? Then our laminated basses are an excellent choice because of the good price-quality ratio. To guarantee quality, we often select the double basses from the supplier ourselves. Our affordable double basses are also always provided with an ebony fingerboard. And of course we will carefully adjust your new double bass for you. We often also have these basses with a solid top, which gives you a better quality bass.

Middle segment; Massive double basses

Are you, as a bassist, looking for a higher-quality alternative? Then look at a massive double bass from Rikkers. A solid double bass has more volume and more character in terms of tone. The tone of such a bass also improves over the years through playing. These basses are also always equipped with an ebony fingerboard and tailpiece. Of course, the bass can be adjusted completely to your liking. These basses are often already equipped with an adjustable bridge and a double bass element.

Top segment; massive double basses

As a bassist, are you going for a real top bass? Then you have come to the right place at double bass studio Rikkers for beautiful solid double basses from often small studios. We have various handmade basses in stock in large and small versions. A nice example is a Romanian double bass from the Bucur studio. But we also have beautiful basses from the Czech Republic and some beautiful hand-built basses from Chinese master builders.

Old double basses

Double bass studio Rikkers always has some really old double basses in house. Such an old bass often has a centuries-old history and a proportionate amount of character. Such an exclusive old bass has of course been, or will be, professionally restored in our own workshop.

Want to know more about our double basses? Curious about the possibilities for your own double bass? Want to know which segment suits you best?

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