The Waveline is designed from a contemporary perspective on sound, playability and design. In terms of looks, it’s unmistakably a Rikkers guitar. The design is therefore derived from our Bodyline and Flatline basses. This is not a Strat and no Les Paul either − the Waveline brings together many strengths of both classics.

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Sustain and playing comfort


One of the most characteristic features of the Waveline is its set neck. This super stable neck construction, reminiscent of the Les Paul, makes for maximum sustain. The super-stiff Waveline neck is built from quartersawn tonewood, which further enhances sustain and tone. Another advantage of the set neck construction is the excellent accessibility to all 24 frets. Because the Waveline has a smooth neck joint instead of the typical bolt-on heel as seen on your average Strat or Tele, the higher positions are very comfortably playable. Naturally, the fretboard has a compound radius, as befits a modern guitar like the Waveline.

Multiple pickup configurations


To further emphasise the Waveline’s contemporary nature, we strive for maximum versatility. In terms of pickups we always opt for the broadest range of sounds and transparency. Of course, there’s no standard pickup and electronics configuration on a custom guitar like the Waveline. Instead, practically everything is possible. You might like hotrodded PAF’s or rather vintage-style single coils. You might even go wild, adding a sustainer or MIDI functionality. We’ll be glad to advise you on every feature of your Waveline.

Fully custom made


Each Waveline is a unique instrument of which literally only one exists. We’d be proud to build this guitar entirely to your personal preferences, using rare and exclusive woods with top quality pickups, electronics and hardware. Also, the Waveline is available with a deluxe carved top instead of the standard body shape. Naturally, this custom guitar is available as a 6- and 7-string, and (no extra charge) left-handed.


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