Privacy Statement


Rikkers Guitars (Chamber of Commerce: 02068405) works hard to ensure that you enjoy an accurate and secure website. Do you notice that something is not right? Please let us know immediately. Then we can correct it if necessary.


You can call +31 (0) 50 549 1062 during office hours. We do our best to keep the information on this website as up to date and accurate as possible and hope that this information is useful to you.





We offer our website via https, a secure and encrypted connection, so when you fill out forms you can assume that we do everything we can to protect your data.


User data


We do NOT analyze user data.


Social Media & Third Party Cookies


To correctly display all the functionalities we offer on our website, we use a number of services that place trackers and cookies via our website. These are Google Maps, Youtube, Facebook like & share buttons. You can refuse these trackers by indicating in the black bar at the bottom of our website that it is not okay for these trackers to follow you. You can also install the privacy badger tool in your browser, which warns you about the unwanted/unnoticed placement of cookies via websites you visit and blocks these cookies automatically.


Google Fonts


We use Google Fonts to correctly display texts on our website. This service does not place trackers or cookies, but makes a one-time request after which the display is further stored on our website. Read more about how Google Fonts handles privacy »


Comments and contact forms


If you post a comment under a news item via our website or make a contact request via our contact form, this will be sent via an encrypted connection (https). The comments are stored in the website CMS and you can request it by sending a data request via the e-mail address you used to post a comment to questions [at] We will then check your request and send a printout of your details to the relevant address. This also works in the event of a request to delete your data.