The Treeline is a tribute to wood as a natural product. Without trees there is no life – let alone custom bass guitars. In our studio in Groningen you are very welcome to try out the Treeline bass guitar and get an impression of the sound and playing comfort.

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Ultra-light and amazingly sleek


The Treeline is a special, extremely light bass guitar with a surprisingly tight sound. This bass guitar only weighs about 3,000 grams in the 5-string version. The design is based on our Powerline bass guitar, which is known for its Single Cutaway construction that grips the neck high. This efficiently utilizes the vibration energy of the strings, resulting in powerful bass. The Treeline’s low B string therefore has a clear definition and sounds like a bell. .

Optimal playing comfort


The Treeline is a bass guitar that is very pleasant to play. The transition between the neck and body has been made smooth, meaning that even the higher notes can be played with ease. By default, this instrument has a neck profile that is thicker on the one side under the B string and thinner on the other side under the G string. Thanks to this special design, the neck fits particularly comfortably in the hand.;

Full sound with lots of punch


The Treeline has a neck that is sawn into quarters and glued into the open body. This gives the guitar a full sound, comparable to a through-neck, but with the characteristic sharper touch of a ‘bolt-on’. So the best of both..

Rikkers Ceramic Soapbar Pickup


A good bass pickup must be able to properly record the different tones and dynamics of a bass guitar. Our Ceramic Soapbar has the special feature that it can produce a wide range of tones and dynamics, ranging from soft and subtle to loud and powerful. This allows the pickup to capture all the expression and feel that a bassist brings to his or her playing. This makes it an important component for any bass used in live performance or recording. There is one soap bar in the Treeline, in the right place to properly record everything you play on it.

Fully custom made

Each Treeline is a unique instrument of which there is actually only one. We would like to build this bass entirely according to your personal preferences with all desired wood types and top quality pickup, electronics and hardware. Naturally, this custom bass is available as 4-, 5- and 6-string, fretted and fretless, and (at no extra cost) left-handed.

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