Seasoned guitar makers, bass builders and double bass specialists, a trusted address for 35 years.

Ferdinand (born 1962) started making bass guitars in his grandmother’s attic in 1979. He founded Rikkers Gitaarbouw in 1983. Jacco (born 1968) came on board 10 years later in the building on Folkingestraat and became a partner in 2000. Daan (born 1997) joined in 2019 and became a partner in 2023.
So 3 partners from 3 generations. We are artisan bass builders and guitar makers for your personal dream instrument. Rikkers is also one of the few specialized double bass repairers in the Netherlands. Double bassists from home and abroad trust our craftsmanship. Do you take your instrument seriously? Then we are the professional bass and guitar workshop for you.

Ferdinand Rikkers

Specialization: double bass , bass guitar and repairs

Ferdinand Rikkers has real bass genes; he comes from a family with several generations of double bassists. But instead of becoming a performing musician, he opted for a completely different segment of music: instrument making.

In 1983, Ferdinand opened his bass and guitar studio. He gradually also focused on repairing, maintaining and adjusting double basses. Ferdinand is a very experienced luthier with a great knowledge of wood types and their sound characteristics. He has a trained ear for a beautiful low-mid sound: where the character of a bass guitar lies. Like no other, Ferdinand translates this into high-end bass with a driving sound.
Ferdinand focuses on the bass guitars, and helps build the guitars and repairs and sells the double basses.

Jacco Stuitje

Specialization:  Guitars & Repairs

Jacco Stuitje comes from a musical family, started playing guitar at an early age and was in various bands in Groningen. After studying Computer Science, a career in IT was an obvious choice, but when Ferdinand asked him to help in the business in 1994, the choice was quickly made.

In 2000, Jacco finally chose instrument making and became a Partner in Rikkers Gitaarbouw. Jacco’s passion is to make high-quality, modern guitars with an eye for the wishes of the individual customer. Jacco focuses on the guitars and helps build the bass guitars. Since 2015, Jacco has been a board member of the European Guitar Builders (EGB) association.

Daan Marinus

Specialization: Guitars and repairs

Daan Marinus caught the guitar building bug at a very young age: he made his first Les Paul at the age of 12 with a kit. Afterwards, cheaply scored guitars were rebuilt and refinished, but 3 years later Daan started his first real guitar-building project.

When this guitar was ready, he started an ambitious project with interchangeable pickups, as a Master Test for his final VWO exams. He asked Jacco as a supervisor for this project, which resulted in a training as a luthier at Rikkers Gitaarbouw. We have now purchased dozens of guitars, both LIGNATOR Guitars and his own Marinus Guitars, Daan has now completed both his training as a luthier and his Mechanical Engineering studies

Since January 1, 2023, Daan has been a partner in the V.O.F. Rikkers Gitaarbouw. As engineer he is now fully Luthier


A piece of bass builders and guitar makers history

Ferdinand Rikkers’ first handmade bass guitar went straight to the bassist of the Metropole Orchestra in the early 1980s. This made his name known and the flow of orders for custom Rikkers basses increased. For the first few years, the Rikkers bass and guitar studio was located in the city center of Groningen, in the Folkingestraat. With the arrival of luthier Jacco Stuitje in 1994, guitar making also expanded and Ferdinand Rikkers was able to focus increasingly on double basses. As a result, the cozy building with pinball machine and hanging musicians quickly became too small.


The current workshop with shop

In 1996, the Rikkers bass and guitar studio moved to its current address at Rijksweg 13 in Groningen, close to the city ring and perfectly accessible. Come and have a look during our opening hours. Or come by appointment. The double bass experts, bass builders and guitar builders from Rikkers are happy to give you expert advice.

“A guitar or bass that is specially made for your hands plays differently. The personal approach is what makes us unique.”

We build instruments for people

Our core values are: Personal, Feeling, Music & Craft.

You can’t see music, you can’t hold it and there are so many flavors and styles that you can’t stop talking about it. It goes straight to your brain and you have little control over it. Something either ‘touches’ you or it doesn’t. In terms of instrument, it doesn’t matter to the audience what kind of guitar you play. But for you as a player it certainly matters!

We are convinced that you play differently and make music differently on an instrument that you are familiar with. That is what a traditionally built instrument can contribute to your playing. Of course, your instrument must be technically in order and of course we will take care of that, but for us it is especially important that your playing experience is enriched by our personal approach.

We also think it is very important that a good instrument is accessible. It doesn’t matter to us whether, like us, you have been in the business for more than 40 years, or whether you are just starting out. If you play with passion and you genuinely love your instrument and playing it, then you have always come to the right place. You can also contact us for repairs and adjustments to your instrument purchased elsewhere. Oh well, while you’re there, feel free to plug in and play a tune :).

In 40 years of bass and guitar building, we have been able to hear many beautiful personal stories and build many unique instruments. We are curious about your story and your experience, please feel free to visit us!

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