Win the Rikkers Anniversary Guitar!


For our 40th anniversary we challenged ourselves: we make a Rikkers guitar in one day.

On November 19 we will make a unique, handmade instrument in 1 day. This guitar is presented on our anniversary which we celebrate on November 25th. From that moment on you can register for the raffle by donating €10 to De Rijdende Popschool. You can do this by scanning the QR that appears on this page. Registration closes on December 27 and the winner will be announced on December 29.

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The Driving Popschool

What is The Driving Popschool?


At the Driving Popschool children, young adults and adults receive music lessons in a band. To participate in the Driving Popschool you don’t have to be able to play an instrument and you don’t have to rent or buy anything. The music school comes to the villages with all the necessary equipment, such as instruments. amplifiers, microphones and a small PA. Lessons are taught by a professional hand coach.


Ferdinand, Jacco and Daan, jubilees


Make a hand-built guitar in 1 day


at Rikkers Gitaarbouw in Groningen, Netherlands


On November 19, November 25 and December 29


Because we celebrate our 40th year anniversary


We’re celebrating this by giving away the guitar!
Everyone who donates €10,- to the Driving Popschool has a chance of winning this instrument

Rikkers Guitars_Portrait_w_Guitars

One day, one guitar, three luthiers, one winner

A unique challenge for three generations of guitar makers


Rikkers Guitars, a respected company in the world of (bass) guitarists, is celebrating its 40th anniversary in a special way this year. Three luthiers, Ferdinand Rikkers, Jacco Stuitje and Daan Marinus, will challenge themselves with a unique project: creating a hand-built guitar in just one day.

The motto of Rikkers Gitaarbouw has always been: “Good things take time, better things require patience.” Over the past 40 years they have proven that attention and time are the key to quality. Customers have learned to appreciate that the fastest choice is not always the best – quality takes priority. But why build a guitar in one day? Jacco and Daan declare:

“We want to challenge ourselves and test our craftsmanship, show how strong our collaboration is. Since the guitar still needs to be made, it is impossible to predict how this will turn out. We go into it with an open attitude and see what we achieve at the end of the day. One thing is certain: this is a one-time experiment.”

40 years of guitar making in a nutshell


In November 1983, the then 21-year-old Ferdinand Rikkers opened the door of his new workshop in the Folkingestraat in Groningen. The city of Groningen, with its many musicians and worn-out guitars, soon found its way to his workbench. The company gained national fame and grew steadily. In the 1990s, Ferdinand asked Jacco Stuitje as a student. In 2000, Jacco became a partner and the workshop moved to a quieter location on the edge of the city. Customers now came from all over Europe and beyond. In 2019, Daan Marinus joined as a student. This year he also became a full partner, with which Rikkers Gitaarbouw now consists of three generations of guitar makers.

And then…


…the guitar will be raffled off. After all, an instrument is made to be played. Until the end of December, every guitarist who donates €10 to the De Rijdende Popschool foundation can register for the raffle of the guitar made. At The Driving Popschool, children, young people and adults receive music lessons in a band. The music school comes to you and takes everything with you. Since making music is about the best thing a person can do, the Rijdende Popschool is a cause worth supporting. The winner will be announced before the end of 2023.